Big Screen Hire

Big screen hire in County Down and Antrim. Book separately or add to any DJ packages, read on for further information or get in touch for your quotation.

The Big Screen

Why not add our big screen to one of our DJ or entertainment packages, it can be used for any thing from karaoke nights to movie nights. Measuring 2 metres by 1.5 metres gives a massive 100″ viewing screen and projector is of course included.


Race Nights

Our big screen comes as standard with all race nights giving a large display to have everyone as close to the action as possible


Quiz Nights

Add to any quiz nights to display picture rounds, music videos and more to enhance your live quiz night experience.


Add to any karaoke package to give big screen lyrics for all to sing along to. Music videos can also be displayed during breaks.

Movie Nights

Ideal for kids parties or organised movie marathons, book a movie night with big screen action and even bigger sound.

Bingo Nights

Display those bingo numbers for all to see on the big screen,  give that added professional look to your bingo night.

Slide Shows

Great for displaying those embarrassing childhood photos at a 21st birthday, on the 100″ big screen for all to see.


Ideal for personal or business presentations or award ceremonies. Or you could have graphics and videos for your speeches.

Video Display

Add visual display to your DJ package, we can have music videos or your favourite old movie creating a stunning backdrop to your party.


Why not organise a big screen gaming night or add to any party packages, with 100″ screen and big sound options.

A small deposit may be required to save the date and is payable online. All bookings are then confirmed in writing. Get in touch by email or you can also call or text on 07749150216.

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