Bingo Night Hire

Professional Bingo Nights in County Down and Antrim. Book separately or add to any DJ packages, read on for further information or get in touch for your quotation.

Bingo Nights Northern Ireland

We have various styles of bingo games available we can bring to any venue. From traditional bingo to music bingo and more we provide everything you need to run a successful and fun packed bingo night:
  • Bingo caller & MC / DJ
  • Professional sound and video system
  • All Bingo Tickets & Pens
  • Big screen display (by request)

Traditional Bingo

Traditional bingo nights cannot be beaten, they can be organised to raise funds or just for fun. Available for bars & Pubs or private hire at any venue they are quick and easy to set up offer a full nights entertainment. Using traditional numbers 1-90 with your choice of line or house games. We can even throw in some bonus games to give any traditional bingo night a fun twist. You can choose from cash prizes or gifts for the winners, either way a great nights entertainment is to be had.

Twisted Bingo

Bingo with a twist. We have taken traditional bingo and twisted it into a fun packed evening of entertainment. We combine numbers, Music, celebrities, tv programmes and much more to create an exciting blend of original new bingo style games creating an amazing atmosphere and fun packed evening. Games can be customised to your own specifications to add that personal touch. Get in touch for further information.

Musical Bingo

It’s just like regular bingo, but instead of  numbers we play songs! Each round can take on a different theme of song choices, these could be based on either a decade, genre or a just a random quirky topic.

Unique bingo cards are handed out whilst your DJ and bingo caller introduces each game and outlines the rules and prizes.

There are various game styles available and can even be customised to add your own personal touch.

A small deposit may be required to save the date and is payable online. All bookings are then confirmed in writing. Get in touch by email or you can also call or text on 07749150216.

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